no one cares about jaguar

piapb replied to your photoset: i made a chocolate touko

make a tutorial so i can make barnachocolate ok im sorry

1. get white and black choco

2. print out a drawing (important, it has to be mirrored!!! It ends up like this if not) and put (transparent) baking paper over it

3. melt chocolate in a bowl and hot water (I think microwaving works too??) melt slowly or there will be weird white stains after drying!  See??!??!!

4. mix colors with the white choco (I used normal food coloring from the supermarket, but it’s important that it’s oil-based!!!!)

5. draw outlines with black chocolate (I drew it with a toothpick, but there are probaBLY EASIER WAYS) (I’M SURE THERE ARE EASIER WAYS)

6. let the outlines dry completely!!!!! important!!! It ends up like this if not

my Touko started to melt immediately after I took her out of the fridge so I have to keep her on cooling pads / ice packs :(

Maybe I’m too hot after all

7. color everything! Dry again! Put rest of white choco over everything to make it thicker. Dry!!


still a masterpiece

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